Center Resources

Facilities, technologies, and educational services to maximize teaching and learning

The Interprofessional Education and Resource Center (IERC) and AHC Simulation Center are dedicated exclusively to the development and implementation of simulation-based educational and assessment experiences. Our facilities, technologies, and expertise allow us to create realistic environments and clinical situations that intellectually, physically, and emotionally engage learners.


Interprofessional Education and Resource Center (IERC) 

Located on the 2nd floor of the Phillips-Wangensteen Building, the IERC offers 18 clinic rooms furnished with ambulatory care equipment and supplies. The large classroom can serve as a place for group touchdown, for faculty to remotely watch live student performances, and for supplemental instruction.

AHC Simulation Center

Located in the basement of the Phillips-Wangensteen Building, the AHC Simulation Center supports dynamic group experiences in a highly flexible setting. Its large rooms can be used to simulate hospital facilities, trauma rooms, and other health care settings. The center also offers a classroom for group instruction and debriefing.

Specialized Simulation Resources

Simulators, task trainers, table top models and equipment

Our patient simulators (full body mannequins) provide opportunities to integrate multiple invasive skills into scenarios. Our task trainers and table top models allow learners to practice specific skills and procedures on highly realistic replicas of different body regions.

B-Line digital technologies

B-Line Medical’s Clinical Skills and SimCapture™ systems enable video and performance data from simulation sessions to be captured in a web-based format that is viewable both remotely and on-site. This maximizes the simulation experience by allowing for immediate debriefing, assessment of skills, and continuous professional development.  

Standardized patients

Our Standardized Patient Program consists of highly-trained and experienced standardized patients (SPs), who simulate real-life clinical experiences by portraying individuals with specific medical conditions, concerns, and histories. SPs can also portray clients, family members, and health care professionals as part of the simulated experience. SPs support student learning by providing feedback on skills and introducing the complexity of patient/client interaction.


Our team of simulation professionals has expertise in all aspects of conducting simulations. We provide the level of support you need at all stages, from project conceptualization to development, and from implementation to evaluation. Get started by scheduling a consultation or project, and we will collaborate with you to develop and implement simulation strategies matched to your educational needs.