Developing clinical expertise

    Learners use simulation to develop clinical expertise by practicing skills, applying knowledge, and learning from their mistakes without risk to actual patients.


    Highlighting the patient perspective

    Standardized patients bring the patient perspective to simulation. These individuals from the local community introduce the complexity of human interaction, which allows learners to improve their ability to care for patients and create a better patient experience.


    Utilizing performance data

    Simulation provides a rich source of performance data for uniquely assessing learner competence, identifying curricular needs, and meeting accreditation standards.


    Reflecting on practice

    Learners maximize the power of simulation through debriefing, where they actively reflect on their performance and receive specific feedback to inform future practice.


    Building bridges between discliplines

    Interprofessional and team-based simulations build bridges between disciplines and help prepare professionals for collaborative practice.


    Developing clinical expertise

    The Centers develop simulations that provide safe opportunities to practice high-risk/low-incidence and common clinical encounters.



    Addressing emerging challenges

    Simulations are customized to meet specific educational needs and address emerging health care challenges.

 Because simulation makes healthcare safer and more effective.

Two centers, one team of simulation professionals

Group photo of eight staff members

Commitment to collaboration 

We collaborate with faculty and providers across the health sciences to design, implement, and assess impactful teaching and assessment experiences. 

Practical experience across the spectrum of simulation 

We have extensive experience matching effective simulation strategies with the educational needs of faculty and learners. We specialize in the integration of standardized patients, human patient simulators, and task trainers. 

Reputation for Excellence 

We have expertise in all aspects of conducting simulations – from developing scenarios based on cutting-edge research, to utilizing simulated patients, to the science behind effective debriefing and evaluation.