Scheduling a Project

Not sure if simulation is right for your curriculum and learners?

Please contact our Client Services Manager at to schedule a meeting with our staff to discuss how we can collaborate with you.

Scheduling a Project at the IERC and Simulation Center

The Interprofessional Education and Resource Center (IERC) and AHC Simulation Center are dedicated exclusively to the development and implementation of simulation-based teaching and assessment experiences. The Centers operate as an Internal Service Organization, providing subsidized rates for University of Minnesota clients, and allowing external users access to all facilities and services through a fee-for-service model. Our staff can provide support to you at all stages of the simulation planning, implementation, and evaluation process.

Ready to submit a project proposal?

Please use our online request form to submit a project proposal. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our Client Services Manager at

To schedule a simulation project at the Mayo location please use this online requst form. For questions about the Mayo Building simulation space, please contact Nick Newman at

Scheduling priority and submission deadlines

As a mission-driven unit of the AHC, scheduling priority is given to users within the AHC, those with high-stakes clinical assessment needs, and those whose projects could not be implemented elsewhere. Requests received prior to submission deadlines receive priority consideration. Requests received after submission deadlines are subject to resource and staff availability.

Fall projects (September through December): April 1
Spring projects (January through May): September 15
Summer projects (June through August): December 1

Project Development

We finalize each semester’s schedule soon after the priority scheduling deadlines. At that time we will contact you to confirm your upcoming project. In the months prior to your project, our staff will meet with you to understand your project’s goals and resource needs, and how best we can collaborate with you. Our expertise and experience allows us to provide the support you need to develop a project customized for your learners.

Quoting and Billing

A price quote is developed after a project proposal has been received and Center staff has consulted with you to understand the resources needed to support the project. A quote is an estimate of services and costs required to support a project. After the project has been implemented, the client will be billed for actual services used. An external sales agreement is required for events with external clients; these agreements take at least one month to be created and approved. Please contact our Client Services Manager at for additional details on how we work with external clients to support their projects.