A/V & Data Capture

Digital solutions to enhance simulation

B-Line Medical’s Clinical Skills and SimCapture™ systems enable video and performance data from simulation sessions to be captured in a web-based format that is viewable both remotely and on-site.  

Capturing video and audio through B-Line allows for:

  • Remote observation and scoring
    Faculty members do not need to be onsite during a project to assess learner performance. Through B-Line’s secure web-based platform, faculty can view and assess learner performance at a convenient time and place

  • Integration into debriefing
    B-Line videos are immediately available after simulations, allowing faculty and learners to review them together. This also allows groups to view their performance within their debriefing sessions and get a fuller picture of how they performed as a team.

  • Learner self-reflection and peer review
    Learners can login remotely to the B-Line system and view their own performance, guided by customized self-reflection activities. Watching a peer’s performance is also a valuable educational activity that can be facilitated through the use of B-Line.

Capturing data through B-Line allows for:

  • Customized learner performance checklists
    Performance assessment checklists in B-Line are customized for each project, and can be completed online by faculty or instructors, standardized patients, peers, and learners.

  • Post-encounter activities and reflection
    Immediately after simulated encounters, learners can access the B-Line system to conduct a number of activities – from completing checklists to documenting the care they provided to taking quizzes. Through B-Line, faculty can also provide learners opportunities to reflect on specific elements of their performance. Self-reflection helps learners be more prepared for group debriefing. 

  • Timely data reports
    Through B-Line, faculty can access reports on learner performance by individual, across groups, and within identified skill domains. In addition to performance evaluation, faculty members use B-Line reports to assess curriculum and support research and publications.

Contact our Client Services Manager at umsc@umn.edu to learn more about how you can use B-Line Medical’s Clinical Skills and SimCapture™ systems to aid in curriculum development, enhance learner assessment efforts, and support ongoing research.